Brand new toys for kids this spring

New Fun for Spring


A new take on Sidewalk Chalk (4+)

One of the most popular products to launch this spring is Crayola Sidewalk Chalk making some of the brightest and most vibrant chalk out there:

  • Comes in packs of 12, 24, and 64

  • New and exciting black sidewalk chalk in the 12 and 64 packs

  • The 64 pack also comes with eight special effects chalk colours

  • Features flat edges to make them anti-roll which makes them a safer product for your child to use

  • Check out the Ice Cream Shop chalk for all your ice cream lovers


The Scholastic Brainiac Game (Fill Your Brain!) (Grades 1-6)

University Games and Scholastic Inc. have combined forces to make learning fun with an  engaging game that focuses on various subjects including Science, Math, Arts, Reading, and The World. Like a regular game of trivia, players compete to answer questions to collect points and win. What sets The Brainiac game apart is that it has some surprising twists, such as the ability to steal a token from another player to try and gain an advantage in the game.


The Brio Smart Tech Sound Action Tunnel Travel Set (3+)

Brio's trusted, reliable train sets just got even more incredible! Interactive toy train sets come with a variety of pieces and allow your child to play with so many interesting new features:

  • The Record&Play engine lets you create custom sounds for your train as it rides around the track

  • Unique Action Tunnels can change the speed and direction of your train

  • Access even more customizations when you connect the Record&Play engine to the app


The Soaring Unicorn from Schylling (3+)

This parachuting unicorn is a new fun outdoor activity for kids. Toss the unicorn into the air and watch as the parachute releases and floats back down to you. Also features:

  • Rainbow parachute

  • Easy set up

  • Tangle-free design


Creativity for Kids Window Art

These adorable kits come with everything you need to make two sparkly sun catchers. There are seven different themes to choose from making them a great craft for both boys and girls, ages 6+.

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