Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Corolle premium doll brand!

Introducing Corelle's Baby Madeleine and Baby Leonie

To celebrate, Corolle is bringing updated versions of their dolls and doll accessories to market for both new generations of children and long-time collectors of the brand to enjoy.

Marking the occasion are two new special anniversary dolls:

Baby Madeleine (for ages 18 months and up)
Baby Leonie (for ages 3 and up)

Both will be on the shelves of Hobby and Toy Central dressed up in celebratory printed pattern outfits reflecting Corolle’s French heritage. 

Corolle dolls have been captivating people for 40 years as one of the top-selling doll brands because they are:

  • delicate yet sturdy
  • soft and flexible 
  • easy to hug but strong enough to last a lifetime

The doll outfits and fashion styles reflect current trends in children’s clothing and each doll contains a permanent hint of vanilla scent for sensory appeal. 

There is a Corolle doll for every age and every stage of growth. The 40th anniversary is the perfect time to come in and check out this premium brand of dolls!  

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