These planes are flying off the shelves 

These easy and fun to build planes (gliders) have been around since 1926, and have delighted many young pilots ever since. With flight variants being available since the 1940's, these models have been creating summer flying fun for over 80 years! 

Guillow’s planes have lasted through decades of play and fantastic memories, easily becoming the favourite toy/hobby of millions. 

Balsa wood plane

Founded by Paul Guillow, a naval aviator during WWI, these toys have always been designed with incredible detail and precision, a tradition that continues to this day. Guillow’s beloved products are sure to continue to keep letting hearts and imaginations fly. 

Hobby and Toy Central is proud to still be selling planes from one of our oldest toy manufacturers. These planes are sure to be treasured by anyone, young, or “young at heart”

With warmer weather coming in, there’s never been a better time to come find your favourite plane! 

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