Our favourite gift ideas for under $20


Need a gift idea? We've got you covered, from ages 0-103.

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Item Price Age Description
Dimpl Clutch $14.99 0+ months This dimpl toy features different sensory touchs with pop-it sounds good for your baby and infant
Stack N' Nest Cups $14.99 3-9 Month Learn and grow with this stacking cups - sit, kneel and stand while stacking them
Cubika Tower $16.99 18 Month + Wooden stacking, builidng and tumbling, lots of enjoyment (made in Ukraine)
I Spy Little Animals Board Book $9.99 Ages 2+ Preschoolers can search for bunnies galore, as well as other intriguing toys and trinkets
South African Animals Toob $16.99 3+ Collection of Africian animals
Pom Pom Magical Pictures $19.99 3-4 Creativity for Kids - Use colorful pom poms to create a unicorn and rainbow design with ease
Stablemates unicorn Foal Suprise $14.99 4+ Two little unicorns with a surprise foal
Scooby Doo $16.99 5+ Who doesn't love a treat eating dog?
Colouring Set Adventures $16.99 5+ This colouring and activity book is perfect to use at home or in the car
Fun & Focus Pack $19.99 5+ This pack includes a Colorfall, Zip-a-Dee, and Rainbow Sqwooz to relax the mind, provide tactile stimulation, release nervous energy and solve multiple sensory needs
Spot it! Classics $17.99 6+ Fun, fast paced game of observation - who can find the matching pictures first for bragging rights
Ravensburger 100pc puzzle - No Dogs on the Beach $19.99 6+ 100XXL piece puzzles are a great, calming and relaxing challenge for all kids
Professor Noggin - Countries of the World $12.99 7+ This multi player game lets you learn about different countries around the world while playing against friends
Creagami Parrot 243pcs $15.99 7+ Creagami, known as 3D origami, is an amazing form of paper art that uses 3D folded triangular modulars.
Puzl it $12.99 7+ Do you like puzzles and card game, well this is for you, this puzzle is a card game - lets see if you can solve it
Gross Science $14.99 8+ Have fun while experimenting making snot, doggie poop and other gross things children like to gross us out with
Kanoodle $17.99 8+ Nothing like 200 puzzles to drive us crazy all in a nice little case to go anywhere with you
Dig a Brachiosaurus $18.99 8+ What child doesn't like dinosaurs? Now you can dig it up and build it, every childs dream
Paint by number - Kittens at play $8.99 8+ Paint by number
Engraving Art Silver Foil Horses $7.99 9+ Simply scrape away the lines to reveal a stunning silver picture!
Extreme Dot to Dot Endangered Animals $12.99 9+ Extreme Dot to Dot: Endangered Animals puzzles range from 300 to over 1,400 dots. Some puzzles even cover a two-page spread!
Paint by number - Dolphin Island $10.99 10+ Paint a beautiful picture that you can show off to family and friends
Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza Game $13.99 10+ This fast paced game gets you trying to remember what word you are; hope you don't get an action card or you might be acting silly
Dutch Blitz $19.99 10+ Fast paced friends and family game, who will get rid of their blitz cards first
3D Crystal puzzle - Treasure Chest $17.99 12+ This 3D crystal puzzle will challenge you, but well worth it
Learn to Manga $13.99 12+ 25 pieces, learn to draw Manga
Party Charades $19.99 Adult Start the party the minute you open the box!
Cold Case: Murder with Interest $18.99 Adult Have you ever wanted to play detective and solve a murder? 
Fanciful Sea Life Colouring Book $9.50 Adult Adult colouring book
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