Intro into building Gundam models

Alex's Gundam models

I think this past year has introduced so many people to a new hobby or pastime. For some it was puzzles, others dug up some old art kits and started to explore their imagination. 

I started building models. 

Who would have thought that the man with the shakiest hands in the wild west would come to enjoy model building? 

Gundam models are snap build kits, avoiding the smell of plastic glue. It also means that people like me who can’t even write legibly can build some amazing robots and pose them to guard their most important possessions (packs of gum, love letters, favourite key, etc).  

Here are some of the cool models I’ve built. None of these have any paint or glue on them and they look fantastic. My favourite is the Infinite Justice, the pink guy with a laser shield. Tell me that’s not awesome. 

If it sparks your interest, give it a try. If I can build Gundam models, anyone can!


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