School's out – need ideas for things to do?

Scavenger Hunt gameWith school out and the summer in full swing, are you looking for for things to do during summer holidays?

Our personal favourites include, making extravagant pictures with chalk art (try drawing mandalas, favourite animals, or cartoon characters they enjoy), scavenger hunts, tag and hide & go seek tournaments, playing with bubbles, and jump rope challenges to keep them active! 

Worried about rainy days? We have ideas for that too:

  • Colouring and sticker books provide wonderful creative freedom
  • Science projects keep their minds working when they’re not in school
  • Puzzles, board games, and card games can provide wonderful family time 

And for a sweet summery treat, mix up two of your favourite fruit juices, dilute them with water, and making popsicles with it. Optionally, add chopped fruit or berries for added fun and flavour.

We wish everyone a safe and happy summer!

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