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Mini Flyer World

Mini Flyer World


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Juggle the World Mini Flyer and watch as it floats up and down!

  • This infrared sensor flyer is sure to bring happiness to your child when they see it move as it "feels" a solid surface below it. You "juggle" without touching it... like Magic!
  • To start, turn the power switch on the ball to "on", hold the Mini Flyer on it's sides and push the button on the remote to start the propellers, then let it go!
  • (if you hold it on the bottom, the starting signal will be very strong and it might elevate too high or not fly right)
  • When the flyer starts to go down, put your hand, arm, leg, knee, (basically ANY solid surface!) underneath it for a short time (1-2 seconds) to make it go back up.
  • A little practice may be needed, but after a short while, you'll easily become a pro!
  • No batteries needed or required because it's made with Li-Poly battery that charges through a USB port (cord included), and a button cell battery in the remote is made to last a very long time.
  • While flying, keep the remote accessible so once you decide to turn the Mini Flyer off, you can easily just push the button.
  • Special safety feature will make the propellers stop if they hit any solid surface.
  • Made in a miniature size for indoor play.
  • Recommended for boys & girls ages 8+ ( and adults, too! ). Charge time: 10-15 minutes. Play time: 8-10 minutes.


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