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Playmind Colours

Playmind Colours


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Play Mind, find the secret code using deductive logic. A challenging and fun game (Mastermind).

Contents: a plastic game board (35 x 15 cm), colored pawns, black pawns and white pawns.

Before starting the game, one of the players will place his colored pawns (among those proposed) behind a cache to prevent the other player from seeing the chosen pawns. The goal is to find which are the 5 pawns chosen by the other player and to know their positions. To do this, on each turn, the player must use the colored pawns to form a row and get as close as possible to the solution (or find it) because the number of rows to find the solution is limited. Once the pawns are placed, the other player must indicate: the number of well-placed pawns of the right color using the small black pawns; the number of pawns of good color but badly placed with the small white pawns. Two situations end the game: the player has failed to find the solution, the game is lost; if the player has found the solution, the game is won.



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