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Atlantic White Sided Dolphin

Atlantic White Sided Dolphin


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Safari Ltd - The Atlantic White-Sided Dolphin is a “short-beaked oceanic dolphin”, and the only member of this group that features a color other than gray, black and white. It has unique yellowish patches on its sides which help distinguish it from its relatives.

Characteristics: This sleek dolphin figurine is streamlined and ready to speed through the water, doing some fun acrobatic jumps along the way! This accurate, hand painted figure is a highly detailed recreation of this short-beaked dolphin.

Size and Color: This dolphin toy is 4 ¾ inches long and just over 2 inches high to the tip of its dorsal fin. It’s about the size of a highlighter marker. Its coloration is black above, with blue gray on the sides and white below. A large yellow and white blotch is present on both sides of its body.


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