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BISMARK 1/1200

BISMARK 1/1200


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Revell plastic model kit - The Bismarck class consisted of two fast battleships designed for the Nazi Germany Navy just before the beginning of WWII. These were the biggest and most powerful vessels constructed for the German Navy. These battleships were displacing upwards of 41,000 metric tons. The usual armament was a battery of 8 15 inch cannons. The battleships were capable of the maximum speed of 30 knots. The first ship of its class, the legendary "Bismarck" was laid down in 1936 and finished in September 1940. Her sister ship Tirpitz's keel was laid in 1936 and completed in February 1941.

These warships were authorized in reaction to the Richelieu-class French battleships and built with the conventional task of fighting enemy warships in native waters. Though the German high command also planned to utilize the vessels as long-range trade raiders targeting British Atlantic commerce. As such, their architecture was a strategic ambiguity that dominated German naval building in the 1930s. The kit contains 31 parts and the finished model is 200 mm long.

Scale:     1:1200
Skill:     3
Number of Parts:     31
Dimensions (mm):     L200
Age Suitability:     10+


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