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Safari Ltd - Chimpanzees are genetically the most closely related animals to humans, sharing over 96% of our DNA. These social apes live in large groups of up to 150 individuals and are found in a variety of African habitats including both forests and grasslands. They have been observed using tools to help them obtain food, which indicates a high level of intelligence.

Scientific Name: Pan troglodytes

Characteristics: This chimpanzee figure is packed full of sculptural detail from its fur to the wrinkles on its hands, feet and face. It is posed in a reaching gesture with a curious expression on its face.

Size and Color: This chimp figure is just over 4 inches tall and 7 inches long, about the size of a large index card. Its fur is black, with gray skin and brown eyes.

The Chimpanzee is part of the Wildlife Wonders™ collection


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