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Ever Dreamerz Tour Bus

Ever Dreamerz Tour Bus


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Playmobil - The EverDreamerz friends conquer the music world with their pink tour bus with glittering stars. As the name suggests, the Music World is all about music. The EverDreamerz, and especially Starleen, are in their element and drive from gig to gig with their chic tour bus. When you arrive at the next location, the rear doors are opened and the mobile platform is unloaded. The stage is up, now pop star Starleen is making herself pretty in front of the big mirrors and then it's on to the glittering stage. Let the show begin! The play set includes EverDreamerz singing talent Starleen, a tour bus with a ramp and stage frame with spotlights. The interior of the tour bus has two beds, a clothes rail, a shelf, two mirrors and many other accessories for styling.



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