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Family Fun Waterfront Ice Cream Shop

Family Fun Waterfront Ice Cream Shop


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Playmobil - This summer father, mother and the children spend in the sunny south. Today a harbour tour is on the programme. "How annoying!" thinks the little girl, but her opinion changes suddenly when she sees the inviting Waterfront Ice Cream Shop. "Daddy, Daddy, I want a scoop of strawberries and chocolate!" she shouts excitedly. The ice cream seller smiles cheerfully and immediately picks up a waffle. On holiday, it's okay to have an extra scoop of ice cream. Daddy buys the ice cream for the children and coffee for the parents and then the family makes themselves comfortable on the roof terrace. What a wonderful day! The play set contains five PLAYMOBIL figures, an ice cream parlour with shutters, open stairs and balcony, as well as a quay wall with a wooden bridge and telescope. The ice cream shop is equipped with an ice cream counter, waffles, ice cream spoon, as well as a table, chairs and parasol for outdoor use.


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