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German Horch Type 1a 1/48

German Horch Type 1a 1/48


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Tamiya -  German Transport Vehicle Horch Type 1a

The Horch Type 1a was a vital cog in the Nazi German military machine in the early stages of WWI; the 80hp V8 engine-powered vehicle could hold 8, and was a highly maneuverable piece of machinery thanks to its combination of 4-wheel drive and 4-wheel steering. Other notable features were the large radiator - installed with the hot climes of North Africa in mind - and the gas tank, which was split into distinct left and right halves in an attempt to add stability on rough terrain. From Europe to the Russian steppes, and into North Africa, the Type 1a worked tirelessly in a range of roles including transportation of troops and supplies, towing of artillery pieces, and even as an ambulance.
About the Model

  • This is a 1/48 scale plastic model assembly kit of the German Transport Vehicle Horch 1a.
  • Length: 101mm, width: 47mm.
  • The functional Type 1a with large engine grille is artfully captured in open-top form.
  • Intuitive parts breakdown gives an accurate yet hassle-free depiction of the underside and suspension.
  • Folded-away canvas roof is recreated with aplomb.
  • Assemble with front windshield up or down.
  • Choose whether to depict headlights open or with slitted covers.
  • Comes with both an Army and a Luftwaffe marking option (2 total).


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