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HG YF-29 Durandal Valkyrie (Maximilian Jenius Use) Full Set Pack

HG YF-29 Durandal Valkyrie (Maximilian Jenius Use) Full Set Pack


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Maximilian Genus's custom YF-29 Durandal Valkyrie, as seen in "Macross Delta Zettai LIVE!!!!!!", is now a full set High Grade (HG) model kit from Bandai complete with super parts! Utilizing the HG series' ease of assembly and wide range of motion, this kit adopts the "Shortcut Change," which simplifies the transformation sequence by using replacement parts. The super parts can be removed and replaced; the development of the missile hatch and fold wave projector is also reproduced by parts replacement. The booster nozzle has a telescopic gimmick; the curved beauty of the forward wings in Fighter Mode are faithfully reproduce, as is the characteristic silhouette in Gerwalk Mode. The Battroid Mode also boasts its typical smart bodyline! The range of motion of the arms has been expanded by giving the shoulders pull-out joints, and a triple-axis joint has been added to the chest too. Its hip joint also has a wide range of motion for dynamic and natural posing. The clear parts are made with polarization molding in three colors that change depending on how the light hits it, too


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