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HO 50' Outside Braced Box Car with End of Train Device Railbox

HO 50' Outside Braced Box Car with End of Train Device Railbox


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Bachmann - Born from the Incentive Per Diem boxcar boom of the 1970s, the 50'6" Outside Braced Boxcar was designed to fill a growing demand for freight equipment. The IPD program, authorized by the Interstate Commerce Commission to encourage new boxcar production, allowed freight car owners to charge an additional fee when leasing their rolling stock to other railroads. Many shortline and regional operators jumped at this opportunity, and the bulk of these new cars were ordered by small and relatively unknown railroads. Today, the 50'6" boxcar continues to be a mainstay of freight consists, and while most are now maintained by specialized leasing companies or class one railroads, many continue to display the liveries of their original shortline owners - reflecting a curious and colorful era in freight railroading history.

This 50'6" Outside-Braced Boxcar features a track-powered flashing End of Train device. In the late 1980s, the classic railroad caboose was largely displaced by the implementation of flashing "End of Train" or ""OT" devices, also known as "FREDs" or "ETDs." On prototype trains, the device autonomously monitors brake line pressure and is capable of sending train data to the locomotive, while also providing a blinking warning light to alert any following trains to the presence of the train in front. Our 50'6" Boxcar with operating flashing "End of Train" device allows you to replicate this essential modern component on your HO scale freight consists. The Flashing Rear End Device is factory installed, operates on both DC and DCC layouts, and gives your train a modern finishing touch.

Bachmann also offers a separate end of train device (item no. 42907) that you can use to replace the rear truck/coupler on a variety of rolling stock. See Bachmann Trains website for a list of compatible equipment.


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