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HO Kalmar Container Crane Kit

HO Kalmar Container Crane Kit


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The Walthers Cornerstone HO Scale Kalmar Intermodal Container Crane is patterned after machines used in railroad intermodal yards since the 1970s. To speed loading and unloading of containers, railroads use these self-propelled giants to place piggyback trailers and containers on rail cars. These mobile cranes are used for side loading or unloading and are especially well-suited to smaller terminals. This intermodal container crane model is an ideal addition to your layout's container yard. The Kalmar Intermodal Container Crane is one of many Cornerstone and SceneMaster HO Scale vehicles.

  •      Great detail for large or small modern intermodal terminals
  •     Handles trailer and container loading or unloading
  •     Positionable lifting equipment
  •     Add-on spreader bar for container loading
  •     Colorful decals
  •     Molded in three colors and clear plastic



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