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Inside 3 Easy Novice

Inside 3 Easy Novice


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Inside3 is a 3D labyrinth which is played blind.  Each colour is a different skill that fits you best

It’s a new game presented in the form of a cube. The cube holds a marble that is alternatively visible on the top or bottom face, depending on what stage of the game you are at.

On each of these two faces, the player finds a map indicating the course that needs to be taken in order to direct the marble towards its destination. The map is composed of 7 plots representing the successive layers that must be crossed.

Yep, you guessed it; the INSIDE 3 cube is not just great to look at, it is equally difficult to solve.
According to the level of difficulty chosen (see the range below), you will have to avoid the traps, take
a path backwards and swirl the cube around to retrieve the marble……

Play is simple, just loosen the marble with a finger and watch it fall into the darkness. What follows is a combination of logic and sensory perception by listening and feeling for the movement of the ball. 


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