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Malawisaurus was a relatively small titanosaurid sauropod dinosaur from the early Cretaceous Period. Like other titanosaurs it featured large dermal scales covering the skin on its back.

Scientific Name: Malawisaurus dixeyi (meaning “lizard from Malawi, Africa”)

Characteristics: Like most sauropods, this Malawisaurus has a long neck and long tail. Its midsection is quite rotund, and its back is covered with an arrangement of ossicles, or dermal scales. This hand-painted figure is exquisitely detailed to reflect the most current scientific research available. 

Size and Color: The Malawisaurus figure isn’t nearly as large as the real thing, but it’s still no slouch at 14 inches long and 4 inches high. It's a bit longer than a standard American ruler and a bit taller than a credit card on its side. The main color pattern of the figure is a muted orange with brown tiger-like stripes, with a white underside and face.

The Malawisaurus is part of the Wild Safari® Prehistoric World collection.


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