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Picante 2024 Special Edition 1/9

Picante 2024 Special Edition 1/9


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Breyer - Renowned for their exceptional stamina and beauty, the Arabian horse has been a favorite of riders throughout history. Whether competing across challenging terrain in an endurance race or taking a leisurely trail ride on a sunny afternoon, the Arabian horse rises to the occasion with a keen, workmanlike attitude and nimble hooves.

When paired with other breeds, Arabians often lend their refined conformation and captivating movement. Likewise, the trustworthy Quarter Horse excels in both the show ring and working environments across the globe. Its remarkable versatility makes it a suitable breed for everything from herding cattle to jumping a course of fences. Adaptability, athleticism, and a whole spectrum of striking coat colors make them popular for both work and play.

Picante, an Arabian/Quarter Horse cross, bears the characteristic dished face and delicate features of her Arabian blood while sporting the beautiful bay roan coat of her Quarter Horse lineage. Spirited and graceful, she floats over the ground with purpose and poise. Despite her spicy moniker, her sweet expression and kind eye indicate she is a pleasure to work with and ride. With the agility and strength inherent in her blood, Picante is ready to excel at any task her rider places before her.


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