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Pirates Skull Island

Pirates Skull Island


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Playmobil - The pirate has reached the legendary Crystal Skull Island with his boat, but before he can plunder the hidden treasures, he must face the swift Crab Deeper. The island itself is well protected against pirates: Upon opening the entrance, the crystal eyes of the island vanish, revealing two cannons ready to fire ... Only after skilfully evading the projectiles does the treasure belong to the pirate!
Which brave buccaneer dares to venture onto the mysterious PLAYMOBIL Skull Island? A valuable treasure is said to be hidden here. However, those who want the gold and crystals must first get past the lightning-fast Crab Deeper. And it's not the only obstacle because the treasure chest is located in a creepy skull cave, secured with functional cannons. But a true pirate can't be stopped by anything. With imaginative characters, fantastic features, and creepy monsters, the Pirates play world from PLAYMOBIL invites exciting role-playing adventures.


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