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Safari Ltd - Qianzhousaurus has been nicknamed “Pinocchio Rex” due to its long and slender snout. It could reach a length of nearly 30 feet long and was a smaller relative of Tyrannosaurus rex.

Characteristics: This accurate and hand-painted Qianzhousaurus is full of detail. Its build is slim, with the slender snout that gave it the nickname “Pinocchio Rex”. This dino is in a walking pose with its mouth open. The figure is sculpted with lips, based on the idea that as a land-based predator, Qianzhousaurus would need something to protect its teeth from the open air.

Size and Color: The Qianzhousaurus figure is about 9 ½ inches long and about 3 ½ inches high, about the size of a pair of scissors. Its coloration is a greenish brown above, fading to orange on its sides and a sandy brown below. Light brown stripes run down its back, legs and tail. It has gray claws, off-white head crests and nasal horns, and a glossy pink mouth.


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