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Snap Circuits

Snap Circuits Bric: Structures

Snap Circuits Bric: Structures


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Kids can use their imagination to combine Snap Circuits®with ordinary building bricks and make endless combinations of construction and circuitry. With our patent-pending, Bric-2-Snap technology, kids can wire up their brick builds with Snap Circuits® lights, sounds, moving parts and 3-D circuits to invent almost anything and make it go!

Kids love to create and invent from what they have at home. Instead of just building a structure, now kids can learn how to build the circuit that makes the lights on a skyscraper illuminate or that makes the gears on a drawbridge move! Elenco’s team of engineers has come up with a great way for kids to Learn By Doing® and be creative with their everyday, building bricks. There’s no limit to what kids can create with Snap Circuits® BRIC: STRUCTURES!


• 20 Snap Circuits® component parts

• 75 Bric-2-Snap adapters

• Over 140 fully compatible building bricks

• Full-color, easy-to-read project manual


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