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Splish 'n Splash Tub Tracks

Splish 'n Splash Tub Tracks


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Kidoozie - You can arrange these tracks any way you want. Then your child can zip their figures through the course, landing in the tub. Add water for waterfall action, and the figures will freely float through the course all on their own. Getting your little one in the tub isn't always the easiest task. That's why Kidoozie makes fun bath time toys. Your child will be excited to get clean and have fun all at once, and you'll appreciate their new-found enthusiasm. The Splish 'n Splash Tub Tracks attach easily to the side of the tub or on tile. They suction securely, staying in place for bath time but easily removable for cleaning. They're an adorable and convenient solution to bath time boredom.

Package contains (1) Kidoozie Splish 'n Splash Tub Tracks Bathtub Toys. Includes three different tracks with floating duck figure and floating fish figure. Recommended for children ages 12 months and older.


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