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Tasmanian Devil

Tasmanian Devil


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Safari Ltd - Tasmanian Devils get their name from their distinctive screeching cry. They have a reputation for being unstoppably vicious, which is exaggerated, although they are tenacious and can be quite aggressive. Tasmanian Devils are the largest living carnivorous marsupial, and are found only on the island state of Tasmania.

Scientific Name: Sarcophilius harrisii

Characteristics: Tasmanian Devils are stocky animals with short legs and mouths full of sharp, pointy teeth, which this figure is showing off. They use these sharp teeth and powerful jaws to eat just about anything, from fish to fruit to birds to livestock to frogs and reptiles.

Size and Color: This Tasmanian Devil figure is 3 ½ inches long and 2 inches tall, about the size of a credit card. Its coloration is a very dark brown, with black eyes and nose, and a white strip across its chest, a common feature in many Devils. Its teeth are white in its yawning mouth, and its inside is a pinkish red.

The Tasmanian Devil is part of the Wild Safari® Wildlife collection.


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