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Villainous Introduction to Evil

Villainous Introduction to Evil


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Ravensburger - The perfect starting point for the most cunning card game of them all! Disney Villainous has been “remastered” to incorporate the design team’s learnings and fan feedback five years after the launch of Ravensburger’s award-winning game system. Introduction to Evil is specially brewed for new players to Disney Villainous, as well as seasoned players who’ve been sharing the game with their friends for years and who seek the best experience for beginners. Be the first Villain to achieve your objective to win. Each Villain’s deck of cards is designed with a gameplay strategy inspired by the films you love. Wield their cards well to plot, scheme, and conquer your way to victory in this immersive game for the wicked. The heart of gameplay is simple. Move your Villain’s sculpted mover to a new location on their realm board to access the actions at that location. Use actions to play your cards, move closer to your objective, and draw from your opponents’ Fate deck disrupt their carefully made plans with meddling heroes. How will you cleverly combine your abilities? Villainous games are known for their immersive game design, custom illustrations of beloved Disney heroes, henchmen, and scenes, and artful sculpted movers. 

2-4 players, ages 10+


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